These pages are very much a work-in-progress at the moment, and mostly for personal use. I edit them online, so they change frequently, I'll post a note here once things stabilizes a bit.


  • 18. September 07 - My monitor died, moved to another apartment, got a Naomi, so haven't done too much with the emame project lately - but will once my Naomi is Jamma capable :)
  • 3. May 07 - Just got a new toy I bought on ebay today, looks very promising
  • 13.Mar 07 - too many pages, so the site is a bit chaotic, phpifying it a bit..
  • 9.Mar 07 - Finally found some sane non-kludgy c code to manage the configfile for the menusystem, so I'm moving all my constants out of the soruce - starting to look like a program :) Kudos to Steve Karg
  • 27.Feb 07 - So now I know a bit more about how PLL circuits work. From the drivers, it so far LOOKS like the "dotclock-jitter" is simply bad choices for PLL parameters. The rivafb clocks worked perfect when the post-divider was >0. I wrote the stuff down under "Using VGA cards" so I won't forget it.
  • 26.Feb 07 - Have observed "dotclock-jitter" symtpoms on cards from different vendors, so there has to be something common, and hopefully deterministic about this. I refuse to "tweak" it instead of finding the root cause - so I'm reading up on PLL operations, which is something completely new for me:). I'm pretty sure this is what Andy of (arcade vga) have figured out and programmed into the Bios/Windows drivers.
  • 24.Feb 07 - The menu system is now functional, but still missing some basic features like ROM filtering - looking for simple config file parsing code I can use, as parsing strings in C as as much fun as poking needle in your eyes.

    Have also spent quite a bit of time messing around with the framebuffer subsystem, which quite honestly blows hard. So far viafb and radonfb works quite nice, struggling a bit with nvidia cards. A simple app to test the framebuffer is almost done.
  • 27.Jan 07 - SDL_EnableKeyRepeat does what I want without doing it myself, doooh. MDJ is now progressing again :)
  • 28.Oct 06 - Keyboard handling in SDL is preeetty low-level, so stuff is a bit on hold until I can muster up the motivation to write a routine that does what I want (keydown repeat) for the Menu system. The timing section is not done yet, but a bit better than the last version.
  • 11.Oct 06 - A fellow arcade enthusiast at work didn't understand the monitor timing section (idiot..:-)), so I'm rewriting it.


  • Make a bootable image with the monitor-test program so people can check if their VGA cards, or rather the framebuffer driver in linux, is up to snuff.
  • port the menu prototype to SDL instead of ezfblib <-done